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Book Musings: The Tactile Love of a Bibliophile

April 7, 2009

I love books, I love reading them (duh), and I love looking at them, holding them, smelling them, and weighing them in my hands, laying them out on the floor. I love their physical dimensions, and that’s a big drawback, for me, with the e-book readers.

Half the experience of reading is the pleasure you get with just browsing, picking up a novel and studying it, opening it up and basking in it. Which sounds very odd when I read that back.

I’m a sucker for a good quality book, be it hard or paperback. The paper has to have slight rough texture – not to pulpy but definitely not to smooth. I find when it’s too smooth the text becomes to glossy. Whereas if it’s the opposite it just looks cheap. Also, if it’s too smooth the pages tend to crinkle under the heat of my finger tips. I hate when you close a book and it looks ‘wavy’. I like Penguin Modern Classics paper. It suits the text and it feels like it belongs with it.

A hazard with a texture paper than a smooth one is that if the text is too small or too bold the readability of the text reduces.

Thanks for reading.

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