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The Wonderful World of Charity Shops

April 8, 2009

Charity shops. A treasure trove of unexpected…um treasures. Where do I sign up?

Perhaps you stick your nose up at charity shops, or sigh with disgust at the old ladies flocking towards Oxfam. And while Oxfam et al are havens for the slow moving ‘granny’ it is a place where you can find some great books.

In and around the awful Mills & Boon rejects, the old maths textbook and that David Icke book that someone received ironically on their birthday, you might see a goldmine.

The great thing about finding a book is that while it might not be exactly what you wanted, the sheer surprise of finding it makes up for it. Although you don’t always find a book you want but when you do it’s…party time.

Also, if you’ve ever been in the back or upstairs in a charity shop you’ll find a crazy assortment of books. In Oxfam (this is in the one where I live so it might be different where you live please do not cry) there were books on books, books growing extra books – it was crazy. The thing is, there were whole collections of brilliant titles but because it’s mostly romance or non-fiction that sell, the other books just aren’t put on the shelves.

So…go to a charity shop today and you’ll might find a bargain.

You might also find some cool clothes….

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