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Edinburgh Literary Festival

June 19, 2009

Well folks, I’m heading to Edinburgh in August, there I’ll be sampling the delights of the prestigious Edinburgh Literary Festival. It’ll be my first time attending. I’ve made a list of authors I definitely want to see and a list of potential authors, I have to choose wisely, some of the events clash.

My definite list:

Neil Gaiman

Alasdair Gray

Richard Price

David Crystal

Will Self

The one author I must get to see is Alasdair Gray, he wrote my favourite novel so that cannot be missed. I have 21 other acts to decide upon. I won’t be picking a lot more. Although, a real kick in the teeth, the day after I go home is the day Margaret Atwood is there. Arrrgh!

So, is anyone going to a literary festival, or hell, any festival this year?

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  1. July 3, 2009 10:04 am

    I’m going! I didn’t realise Neil Gaiman was going to be there – I’m off to find out when!

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